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By Federico Cornetto


A dwarf kitten has gained thousands of followers on the Internet and the nickname ‘Emma Stone cat’ thanks to her big expressive eyes.

Nine-month-old Winky, from Kuna, Idaho, has dwarfism, meaning she is very low to the ground due to her short legs and only weighs three pounds.

Winky also has two huge eyes and a charming stare that have earned her the nickname ‘Emma Stone cat’, and thousands of followers on social media.

Owner, Tim Spencer, 32, said: “Winky is a sweetheart, she loves rolling over and having her tummy rubbed, she even sleeps in my wife Heather’s hair.

“She is fearless and doesn’t mind strangers.

“Because of her condition, she has narrow nasal passages and she snorts a lot, she has malformed tear ducts and so her eyes water all the time and have to be cleaned.

“She also suffers from constipation and is on prescription food.”

Thankfully, Winky has a strong online fanbase who send her loving messages all the time to help her get through the struggles caused by her condition.

Tim said: “Winky quickly became popular, everyone thinks she’s cute and she’s called the ‘Emma Stone cat’.

“Other famous people she’s been compared to because of her looks are Steve Buscemi, Mr. Bean and Carol Baskin.”

One user commented: “Your cat reminds of a specific famous person, but I can’t remember who.”

Another one said: “I love the faces she pulls, she’s so cute!”