Life Video Viral

By Dan Coles & Jack Mobley


This hilarious clips features a three-year-old saying a word that should not be in her vocabulary, much to the surprise of her parents.

Danielle Barber was recording some playful fighting between father and daughter, Lylah, in their living room in Lacey, Washington, USA.

When Lylah was gently pushed over, she looked straight into the camera and exclaimed the expletive.

Danielle shouts at her whilst also surprise and shocked at what her daughter just said.

Danielle said: “I couldn’t believe that she used that word and used it properly!

“When she was about 18 months old she hit a stuffed animal and when asked why she did it she simply responded ‘Because the owl’s a b****!’”

“I wish I could keep cameras on her at all times because we are constantly laughing at something she is doing or saying and I would love to share those times with everyone so they can smile too!”