Life Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane and Jessica Testa


An acrobat spends his down-time between shows performing amazing trampoline tricks, while wearing stiletto-heeled boots.

Spencer Collier has travelled the world performing for esteemed troupes such as the world-renowned Cirque Du Soleil. But while at home in Myrtle Beach, Spencer still loves to put on a performance for friends.

Strutting his stuff in a pair of knee high, five-inch stiletto heeled boots, Spencer performed an array of amazing flips and tricks, while bouncing 16 ft in the air on a trampoline, without breaking a sweat, or an ankle.

Spencer said: “I started as a gymnast for 12 years before switching to cheerleading where I won five college national titles and three world titles with the USA Coed National Team.

“Performing in the boots is difficult, but not painful. We train as safely as possible. Obviously there are risks but we accept that and try to innovate cautiously.

“I really want some new heels but they are hard to find in men’s size 13.”

“Performing circus had always been a dream of mine, I didn’t get my first job offer for circus until I was 24, so never give up!”