Animals Video

By Jessica Testa


This cheeky active dog decided to cause some trouble in order to steal his owners’ attention away from their screens.

Recruitment specialist Frances Standen, 30, and her partner were working from their Brisbane-based home, when Frances noticed that one-year-old Dougie had destroyed a whole roll of paper towels.

Frances said: “He doesn’t like us sitting at our screens all day when we’re home so tries to find ways to get us to play. When we ignore him he gets cheekier and cheekier and eventually runs off with one of my socks which got me up from the computer to get it back, which is when I saw the paper towels he had destroyed.”

After being told off and ignored, Dougie then responded by pulling an entire palm frond into the house.

Frances said Dougie is always fixated on stealing things and wanting to be chased.

“He has also taken steak knives, toilet paper, pillows, shoes, hair brushes, makeup wipes, an entire pack of puppy pads, his box with his grooming clippers in it, razors, shower caps and items of clothing.”