Nature Video

By William Lailey


A greenkeeper has built an adorable bond with a robin who comes to visit him every day.

Adam Olliver, 31, first noticed the robin whilst working after Rio, a red breasted robin, flew around the barn and yard at Weybrook Park Golf Club, Hampshire, where Adam works as a greenkeeper.

Rio became more comfortable with Adam over time and would come and visit him everyday whilst he was working.

The robin would eat from Adam’s hands and mouth, sit on his work machinery to keep him company during the day and made a nest in the work shed.

The robin first visited Adam in October 2018 and since then, the pair have formed an incredible bond, with Adam using his spare time to go and visit Rio to ensure her feeder and water is kept topped up.

Rio gradually became more comfortable and trusting with Adam and he would often whistle and speak to her during the day.

Now, Adam has formed a friendship with another robin, Rocky, whom he suspects is one of Rio’s babies.

He said: “Rio was a very brave and curious robin from the start. I started to attempt to feed Rio when she started getting even closer after a few days and the very next day I brought in some seed; it didn’t take much persuasion for her to hop on to my hand and start eating.

“I witnessed Rio go through so much throughout all the seasons. In the winter, she was coming for food as food is often more scarce, which is how our bond grew pretty quickly. In the spring, I witnessed her having two broods and she successfully fledged three baby robins. During the summer through to the winter, she would sing her little heart out from the trees and inside the barn.

“I had such an exciting, memorable and surreal time with Rio and she got me to fall in love with nature even more than I already had.

“There may have been the odd day here and there where Rio couldn’t visit, I always guessed she was just busy being a robin.