Amazing Video

By Federico Cornetto


A genius artist and designer has created a series of stunning fairy sculptures out of metal wire.

Engineer and designer Robin Wight, 59, from Oakamoor, Staffs, was twisting an old piece of wire up in early 2010.

Robin realised metal wire was a good material to model with, and began creating simple human figures out of it.

Robin said: “The initial net result was very crude and certainly would not win any prizes, but as proof of concept for wire as a material to work with, I was hooked!”

Robin was then inspired by a photo that he had recently taken in a local wood, and which shows the light streaming through the trees forming a fairy figure.

He began using wire to create stunning fairy sculptures, which he installed in his garden and in fields and woods close to his property, often using rotating pedestals.

Nearly ten years later, videos of his creations have gained millions of views on social media, and Robin has completed several installations, including a ‘fairy trail’ that he created in collaboration with the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust by hiding some of his sculptures in a local wood.

Robin said: “It started with a fairy for the bottom of my garden and I never knew fairies were so popular until I started sharing images of them.

“Before photos of my fairies started going viral, I got a couple inquires a day.

“Once it started, it built and built and even after a couple of day I had thousands of emails poured in.

“Before I started making fairies I was a full-time software engineer, now I still design software but only as a part-time consultant.”