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By Federico Cornetto


An adorable dog with a massive snout has conquered the hearts of thousands on the Internet thanks to her unusual looks – and has even been mistaken for an ANTEATER.

Borzoi Eris, two, from Richmond, Virginia, has a huge snout which makes her look hilarious and majestic at the same time.

Owner Lily Kambourian, 27, says she started uploading pictures of Eris on social media when she was just a puppy, and the pooch’s profile now counts over 170,000 followers.

Lily said: “One of the questions we hear the most is ‘how long is her snout?’, which is something I wish I had an answer for.

“She never stays still enough for us to measure it.

“Eris has such a big personality, and goes between energetic playfulness to a very regal majesty, to a giant goofball who makes silly faces, to some sort of ethereal being.

“We’ve posted pictures of her every morning for almost two years now, and read so many direct messages from people who say that it’s a part of their morning they really look forward to.”

According to Lily, she ‘never would have imagined’ that so many people would become fans of Eris, and she is ‘really thankful’ for it.

Lily said: “We felt lucky from the beginning to have such a lovely little pup with us, and it’s been a great experience getting to share her love and goofiness and her snoot with the world.”

One follower commented on a photo of Eris, saying: “Are you sure she is a dog and not an anteater?”

Another one said: “Nicest snoot around, thanks for sharing these photos.”