Offbeat Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto and Alyce Collins


This is the hilarious moment a dad drew a chin on his face to entertain his children who began feeding him crisps.

Trevor Newnham, 45, from Essex, was stuck at home on May 7 because of quarantine, when he decided to bring some fun to the house by drawing a chin on his face and lying on the floor with some sheet covering his eyes.

Trevor’s children Rocco, six, and Betsy, four, found their dad’s idea hilarious and began feeding him crisps as mum Sarah, 41, filmed them.

Sarah said: “This was the first time my husband did this and both being musicians, we’re quite often coming up with creative ideas to entertain the children.

“When I was little, my dad used to draw a face on his big toe and poke it out of the bottoms of the bed.

“I believed it was a real creature and called it Joey Toey, so that inspired us too.