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By Charlotte Orie


A pair of giraffes who were preparing to fight have become tangled amongst one another.

Angela Ferguson, 28, from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has shared the comical video which shows the two male giraffe’s having a stand-off which goes wrong.

The conservation Biologist captured the moment on camera in Zambezi National Park, Zimbabwe in March.

She said: “The giraffes weren’t going to have a full blown fight and the sub-adult appears to be rather submissive.

“His leg was just a freak event and caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“People have been very intrigued by the video which was taken by one of the volunteers at the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust.

“It is very unusual to see giraffe behaving like that and most people, even those in the wildlife sector, have never seen such a thing. Some people have likened it to yoga.”