Life Video

By Alyce Collins


If you’re going to walk past this house, you better work out a silly walk because they’ve created the Ministry of Silly Walks in front of their house.

Photographer Jenna Gernon, 36, from Morewood, Ontario, found a great way to cheer up people’s daily walks during this difficult time.

Jenna created a sign to put up outside the house and with the help of her four children they started things off.

The idea has cheered up many neighbours as they pass the house attempting a strange and silly walk, but it’s also provided Jenna and her family with a lot of entertainment.

Jenna said: “I easily made the sign, laminated it, and my husband set it up on ski poles stuck in the ground at either end of our yard.

“Using the tripod helped us catch the clips that transition from one person to another as we walk along.

“We get a lot of people walking by our house as it’s on the way to get the mail.

“Several people read it and laughed, many gave silly walking a go, and several intentionally avoided the sidewalk as though they didn’t want to disobey the sign. It’s been highly entertaining.”