Offbeat Video Viral

By Jack Mobley


This alligator keeper decided to inject some fun into a routine health check up by wearing a T-Rex costume.

Owner of Colorado Gator Farm in Mosca, Colorado, Jason McDonald, was feeding some of his alligators in September 2019.

Filmed in Jason’s perspective, he gets on and checks the alligators when all of a sudden he gets a warning about a nearby gator.

He realises and leaps to his feet as everyone chuckles at the wacky sight, then Jason undressed from the suit and finished the check up.

Jason said: “The visibility isn’t great but I’ve been working with gators for over 15 years now so I am pretty comfortable working with them and knowing what I can and can’t get away with.

“When I jumped on her I knew I’d have to try and gain control of her quickly.

“Unfortunately she was dead set on getting back into the water.

“As she got closer to the edge I saw the big male and he really wanted to grab the head of the costume.

“I decided it would be safer for everyone if I just bailed off.”