Life Video

By Neo Bye


The global pandemic has kept loved ones apart but this grandmother struggled to cross the German-Czech border for two-and-a-half-months, before finally reuniting after restrictions were loosened.

Mother, Olga Stehlikova captured the moment where her two-year-old daughter, Ronja and her grandma, Suzanne, hugged in the town of Teplice, in the Czech Republic on May 13.

Suzanne could not travel across the border until that point, but as soon as they both laid on eyes on each other, they ran and hugged after such a long absence.

As they hugged, you can hear everyone welling up with tears of joy as the family is finally back together once more.

Olga said: “I was crying so much, the grandmother was crying, and Ronja was so happy.

“Ronja has a one of a kind relationship with her grandmother!

“They love each other so much. It was a very very difficult time for both of them not to see each other but I kept calling on FaceTime and kept sending pictures of Ronja to her grandmother but nothing can’t beat the face to face contact.

“I was happy to see my mother in law because she is such a loving person.

“I know how many times she has cried her eyes out just because she could not see her grandchild.”