Animals Video

By Mikey Jones


An unlikely friendship has formed between stereotypical enemies – a cat and a dog.

Jaxx, the tabby cat and Bella, the golden mountain dog, are inseparable.

Their owner Trevor Pottelberg, 43, says he’s is in awe with their ‘heartwarming’ relationship.

Bella, two, and Jaxx, three, from Ontario, Canada, love to cuddle, play and even groom one another.

The photographer said: “Jaxx just turned up to our door one day and never went away – we have tried to give him a loving home which is what he deserves.

“We’re so happy that these two have developed such a strong bond so quickly..

“Their relationship has evolved over the past two years.

“From day one, Jaxx has been super friendly, affectionate and playful. He was never afraid of Bella, even when she was in her crazy puppy stage.

“At the beginning, Bella played rough but we constantly told her to be more gentle and Jaxx would let her know if she was biting too hard.

“We taught Bella the proper way to play fight with him.

“When they’re not play fighting, they will often groom each other.

“Bella likes to push her head right into Jaxx and nudge him until he starts to lick her.

“When they get tired, Jaxx can literally walk on Bella and she won’t move.

“He likes to cuddle up against her belly and steal some of her body heat.

“The fact that he reciprocates the love back to us and Bella is a welcome bonus.”


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