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By Alyce Collins


Birthday celebrations have taken a new shape during lockdown, but a surprise balcony dinner might not have been the best choice under heavy rain clouds.

Fashion blogger and photographer Katie One recently turned 27 and her partner Lev Judah, 26, tried to make it a special day by decorating the balcony of their home in Paris, France.

The couple have been holed up at their home after flying back from New York immediately before the lockdown.

Not wanting Katie’s birthday to go without celebration, Lev tried to make their balcony the perfect setting.

However, rain soon followed and ruined Lev’s romantic surprise.

Fortunately, Katie was able to see the funny side of it and she admits it made it a memorable birthday.

Katie said: “It was so funny to see his ruined setting on our balcony.

“With wet balloons and a DIY umbrella! I made him act for the ‘proper’ second version of his surprise. He was hilariously confused and satisfied at the same time.

“I will remember my lockdown birthday for years!”