Amazing Video

By Randal Coombs


Glow stick dancing has become the latest craze to try out, but these brothers were quite shocked by their dance when they saw it back.

Jason Duff, 45, from San Diego, California, filmed his two sons, Wyland, 8, and Weston, 6, dancing while covered in glow sticks.

Before they started dancing, Jason switched off the light so the dancing shows the boys as though they’re stick figures moving.

However, the glow sticks on Wyland’s torso soon became unstuck and fell loosely in front of him, looking quite suggestive.

The unfortunate placement has gathered quite a lot of attention online, with Jason hoping it helps make more people smile.

Jason said: “I ordered 300 glow sticks for Wyland’s birthday, looking to have some creative fun.

“We decided to make the boys into glow stick figures and play some music. The rest is history.

“A happy accident that has brought us all some laughter.

“After the wardrobe malfunction we have not attempted to make any more glow stick figures. We still have a large number of glow sticks for future parties.”