Life Offbeat Video

By Jessica Testa


This man devoted his down time in quarantine to creativity and relaxation by building an intricate wooden marble run.

Sales representative William McQuaig, 33, said life was very stressful for him during the pandemic and was happy and surprised when he received this gift from his wife Lindsey Lanson.

William said: “Louisiana was hit particularly hard and I am deemed an essential worker so my wife could see the stress was getting me down, so she surprised me with an amazing gift – a complex wooden marble run kit to get my mind off things.”

Overall, it took William four to five hours to build once he got into the zone.

He said he was proud and deeply satisfied once the project was finally done.

“It was fantastic putting all the tedious work in then getting to see a functional machine at the end.”

“With everything going on all over the world right now, it’s important people remember to take pleasure in the little things and find ways to decompress and stay sane.”