Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe


These sphynx cats are showing off their wide array of costumes and outfits which they regularly wear.

Housekeeper Alena Olshanskaya, 38, from Sudak, Crimea, has been breeding sphynx cats since 2015 and loves to dress them up.

The feline breed does not like the cold weather so Alena regularly dresses her cats in woolly attire to keep them warm.

Alena knits the adorable costumes herself, which can take between three to seven days.

“Our cats are the most wonderful because the sphynxes are not cats, they are mini men who understand everything,” Alena said.

“When we knitted the first suit with a hat, we put it on a cat and she began to pose, showing off.

“She didn’t take off her hat, she felt comfortable.”