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By Alyce Collins


This dad has been nurturing his son’s baseball talents throughout lockdown and even put his own head on the line.

Financial advisor Chad Kessler, 37, from Costa Mesa, California, is also a baseball coach for his son Caden’s team.

Five-year-old Caden is quite the young star and being stuck at home hasn’t stopped him from swinging his baseball bat around.

Chad noticed Caden’s skill early on when he first picked up a bat aged four.

Training at home has led the duo to try and get creative in practicing with fun games or challenges.

There’s a lot of positive reaction from Caden’s videos on Instagram, and when people discover he is only five they are astounded by his early talents.

Chad said: “I saw that he had some skill early on and I have always tried to come up with fun games to keep it fun

“The trick shots started during the quarantine.

“Staying at home has left us at home and trying to be creative to try to find fun things to do around the house.

“Most people love the videos. When they find out he is only five they are even more amazed. People have been really encouraging and he likes that other people enjoy his videos.”