Amazing Nature Video

By Federico Cornetto


A filmmaker has captured some amazing macro images of tiny insects to show their hidden beauty.

Thomas Blanchard, 36, from Lyon, France, is well-known on the Internet for his up-close filming of droplets of paint, oil and other liquids, as well as of flowers and of marine life

In January 2020, Thomas filmed up-close footage of tiny insects such as praying mantis, millipedes and woodlice.

The video was shot in 8K and with the help of neon lights, and displays incredible microscopic details of the animals and the plants they live in symbiosis with.

Thomas said: “Filming this video was a great experience, I loved playing with neon lights and insects.

“The final product is the result of weeks of filming in isolation with a host of insects and plants.

“Their world is both near and far from us, sublime and unforgiving.”