Life Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane and Randal Coombs


Using Google Translate, a Paris-based social media manager hilariously trolled the French language.

To some it is the language of love, but for Maxime Lemoine, 25, the French language isn’t all about romance.

Using Google translate, the Paris-based social media manager typed in random and varied English words, to show that in the French translation, the sounds of the words didn’t alter much.

Therefore a sentence like, “Your uncle mows your tuna” comically sounds like “Ton tonton tond ton thon” in French.

With Maxime’s “French Lessons” going viral, the whole world were left saying “Sacré Bleu!”

Maxime said: “I noticed that it was quite trendy to make fun of the French language and pronunciations, and I suddenly wanted to take part in it.

“I knew that French people would either love or hate being gently mocked this way, and that a lot of people from all over the world would relate to it.

“Languages are so interesting! It’s one of the very few things I could talk about for hours. It’s funny and very easy to find word resemblances and to play with words in French.”