Animals Video Viral

By Lucy Notarantonio


An orphaned baby kangaroo has become a part of the family after being rescued from the roadside.

Luna was five-months-old when she was found in her mother’s pouch, who had died after being run over by a car in Esperance, Western Australia.

She was taken in by, Richelle Waideman, 29, who has somewhat become Luna’s surrogate mother as she regularly has to feed the growing roo every three hours – like a newborn baby.

Adorable Luna instantly made herself at home and loves to ‘snuggle’ on the sofa and play with their pooch, Indi, a Border Collie.

Richelle says Luna is her ’spoilt child’ as she is always given attention by family and friends.

She said: “I work for a grain company and one of the truck drivers drove past a kangaroo who was dead on the side of the road which sadly happens quite a lot in Australia.

“But he spotted a little head poking out of the pouch so called the caretakers from my work to collect her during the early hours of the morning.

“I love animals and I live on a farm with over 300 acres so I was more than happy to take her on!

“The moon was so bright that night so I called her Luna.

“At first, it was like having a new born baby as I had to get up every three hours to feed her but now it is just once.

“Throughout the day, she roams the farm and winds the cats up but loves playing with the dog.

“I bring her in at night as it is cold but eventually she will be released back into the wild as she will go off to find a mate – she may or may not come back.

“I hope she returns with her babies – I will feel like a proud mum!”

Luna sleeps in a pillow case on a dogs bed in Richelle’s home and gets up once in the night to go to the toilet outside.

Richelle doesn’t let Luna forget her roots and regularly takes her to a local kangaroo sanctuary to play with other roo’s.

She adds: “Nothing can compare to having a pet kangaroo – she is so snuggly and cute.

“She sometimes chills out on my bed or cuddles up to me on the sofa whilst I watch TV.

“Luna has always been so chilled and happy ever since I first got her.

“I have taken her to the beach and into a store once – everyone is always so excited to see her.

“I also take her to a sanctuary as a play date to remind her she is a kangaroo as I feel she thinks she is a dog sometimes.

“She is so confident and always goes up to the big males!”


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