Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


An ingenious grandson created a safe way to hug his grandmother, by crafting his very own “Cuddle Curtain”.

Due to social distancing, over two months had passed since self-employed plasterer, Antony Cauvin, 29, had been able to give his grandmother a cuddle.

Deciding enough was enough, Antony created his very own “Cuddle Curtain” so that he could hug his elderly grandmother safely.

Using a clear shower curtain with protective sleeves, a curtain rail and some wood, Antony crafted his curtain over the course of three hours.

The end result meant that both Antony and his grandmother could finally embrace and share a heartfelt, teary-eyed hug.

Joyfully watching on, wife, Miriam Cauvin, 27, recorded the heartwarming moment which took place May 15th.

Miriam said: “Antony has not been able to give his Grandmother a cuddle for over two months. Prior to lock-down we would see them every week for a cuddle and a catch up.

“It felt incredible to be able to give her that human contact that she had been longing for, without putting her at risk.

“Antony’s grandmother was initially confused by the contraption, but soon saw the humour in it and was excited to be able to have a cuddle.

“We never expected the video to go viral, our intention was to share the moment with family and friends. The response has been overwhelming and we are pleased it has been able to bring so many people the hope and joy that we experienced, there has been no negativity and we truly believe it is a very relatable emotion for everyone who is going through this pandemic together.

“It has been hard not being able to see friends and family but we, like everyone else, recognise how important it is to comply with the government guidance in order to stay safe and beat this. All we would ask, is that people take this virus seriously. We would never have used the cuddle curtain if we didn’t genuinely believe that Antony’s Grandmother would be kept safe, we took every precaution and the curtain is thoroughly cleaned between every use to ensure we are not risking contamination.”