Life Video

By Jessica Testa


This teacher welcomed her Grade Three students back to school by writing personalised notes on their desks.

Adelaide-based teacher Rebecca Drozdoff, 33, tailored each note to the student, highlighting something special she has noticed about them such as their creativity, caring nature or growth mindset.

Rebecca said: “Leaving that night I hated that the desks were so bare – stripped of personal name tags, pencil cases and belongings due to COVID and cleaning routines. I wanted them to walk into their space the next day and have it feel homely again, like they belonged.”

As they returned to school the following day, the students were excited to see the surprise messages and were seen tracing over the words and pondering them throughout the day.

“Some students took pictures with their iPads, stating they wanted to keep it forever. I loved seeing their faces light up, it made me so happy.”

“The time they were away made me realise all the more that relationships, spontaneous jokes, giggles and memories made in the classroom are totally what makes teaching so great. I missed it so much.”