Animals Video

By Jessica Testa


This cheeky cat almost ruined her owner’s day when she walked across her computer keyboard, causing the computer to narrate everything she did while she was working from her Sydney-based home.

Education worker Tamara Rodgers, 45, spent 10 minutes frantically trying to turn it off before her Zoom meeting, while her four-year-old domestic longhair Minerva curled up on the chair next to her without a care in the world.

Tamara said: “I’d just settled in to answer some emails when my cat decided to get all snuggly. She’s not been fond of me being at home so much, but will sometimes check out what I’m so interested in.”

Luckily, a friend helped her turn it off just in time.

“It turns out it was Windows Narrator. A friend saw my instagram post and sent me instructions to turn it off – it’s a super-handy accessibility feature, but not one I needed to be on that morning!”