Life Video

By Ellie Duncombe


Sanitation has become more important than ever, but this guy takes precaution to another level as he sprays disinfectant everywhere he steps or sits.

Blogger who goes by the name Varlamov, 25, from Minsk, Belarus, pranked people around him as he travelled in a protective gown, mask and gloves, spraying everything he touched.

In the video, Varlamov sprays disinfectant on each step of the bus, on the pavement and even other people.

Most people saw the funny side of it, however there were some who were less impressed by his thorough antics.

Varlamov said: “This is a hard time for the whole world and I was thinking about what to do to cheer people up.

“I also wanted an easy way to explain to people how important it is to wash hands.

“People mostly liked my performance. Most people smiled and laughed, but there were those who remained dissatisfied.

“I wash my hands more often, use an antiseptic, ride less on public transport and don’t touch the handles and handrails.”