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If you’re struggling with your lockdown locks, you should probably avoid this pooch – who almost definitely has better hair than you right now.

Stunning Legolas, the Afghan Hound, has captivated thousands with his root-free flowing blonde locks – that would make most of us green with envy.d he’s been compared to every celebrity from Shakira to Elle McPherson.

Proud owner Ingrid Plym, who named Legolas after Orlando Bloom’s character in Lord of the Rings, who has similar hair, said she even gets stopped by drivers on their walks, who get out of their cars to pet him.

Ingrid, who lives in Svedala, Sweden, said: “He doesn’t know how beautiful he is, he’s just a fun-loving dog that wants to play and go for long walks.

“He is a real sweetheart. He loves everybody and everything. He loves to play with other dogs, I have never heard him growl or bark at anyone. Other dogs can take his food or his toys, he just wants to play with them. He lives with a cat and four Gerbils.

“He loves to snuggle with us on the sofa.

“I have been stopped many times during my walks with him, sometimes people even get out of their cars to pet Legolas.

“I love his hair but my favourite thing about him is his temperament, he is an amazing dog. So full of life and love. He is always ready to play and have fun. He is very loyal, and he is always by my side. He is my best friend.”

Ingrid admitted her hound’s luscious tresses take a lot of hard work – he needs a bath once a week using special shampoo and conditioner.

She added: “After the bath he has a red bathrobe on to soak up the water from the fur. After that he has to be detangled and brushed.

“Sometimes I blowdry his fur, and sometimes I just let it dry.”