Animals Video

By Alyce Collins


Quarantine can be a lonely time but this cute pup is helping to cheer up her elderly neighbour, who loves to fuss her over the fence.

Katie Heslop, 18, from South Wales captured the adorable bond between her dog Tilly and her elderly neighbour, Glyn.

The pair have a strong bond and Tilly loves waiting for Glyn every day.

As soon as Tilly hears his voice or sees him in the garden, she runs straight to the fence and hops up onto a box so she can see him.

Glyn loves fussing Tilly and can even be seen putting out treats for her.

At a time of great difficulty, this friendship is even more joyful.

“When she hears his voice or sees a glimpse of him, she runs straight outside.

“Their bond is unconditional.”