Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta


This is the adorable moment an excited snowy Siberian Husky dives into a ‘pool’ of ice to beat the heat in Texas after his family brings him happiness in quarantine times.

Jack, the ten-month-old pup was given a surprise by Kevin Nations, his wife Bridget Nations and their 18-year-old daughter Anna Gober.

Kevin said, “Jack loves to splash and play in the small kid pool filled with cold water but his favourite thing to do by far is to lay on ice.

“Jack is very easily distracted and his head spins with new adventures all day long. The ice is his “home base” throughout the day as he plays.”

The family from Texas in the Unites States of America would often dump ice in the tub after the handle of their ice maker in refrigerator broke and it overflowed.

One morning, Bridget was surprised to see Jack laying on top of the ice, giving them the idea of ‘icy treat’ for Jack.

The family bought seven packets of 20lbs ice each from a vending machine. They filled a big tub with the crushed ice and called Jack.

The pup’s excitement was beyond explicable. He dived right into the tub and cooled himself for straight half an hour.

Kevin said, “A typical ice maker has a small metal handle that stops it from making ice when the bucket is full.

“When our small handle broke one day and we never repaired it as it is hard to get appliances repaired during the quarantine. Because of this breaking, my wife Bridget dumps the ice outside every morning.

“One particular morning, she looked outside and found our 10 month old Siberian Husky, Jack, laying on top of the ice!  This is what prompted my daughter to give Jack a special icy treat.”

Jack is usually given ice from home as he is obsessed with it but Kevin buys the extra bags couple of times a week.

“Jack loves his ice. If the small pool is empty when we go outside, he will jump in and start barking to let us know. I think the pup has an obsession.

“He will sit on it to cool down for 20 or 30 minutes and then continue doing other things. When the ice melts to water, he considers that a whole new experience!