Amazing Video

By Charlotte Orie


Flipping fantastic! This student performs an incredible flip coin trick, spelling out the message ‘you are cute’ followed by a heart.

Maxim Kokoshinskiy, 18,  and his brother Alexander, 22, filmed the footage at their home in Colorado,  Denver, USA, last week.

The full video took them 25-30 minutes to complete, and they say they still find coins all over the place after many unsuccessful attempts.

Maxim said: “Each word took numerous attempts to ensure it was easy to read-after each unsuccessful take, we would have to pick up the coins from the entirety of the living room carpet to give it another go.

“However, because we threw the coins in the air over twenty times, we keep finding coins in the most random places in our living room, even to this day.

“We noticed a few videos on TikTok where users were throwing up coins to spell out the word ‘hi.’ -we wanted to continue on with this trend, but spell out a whole message with the coins, as opposed to writing out one word.

“There has been an extremely positive reaction from users who have viewed our video- a number of viewers have reached out to me directly, wanting to thank me because they said it had cheered them up.”