Life Video

By Alyce Collins


Distancing from our loved ones is hard at the moment but this grandma was gifted an iPad so she could communicate with her family.

Cambridge University student Katherine Bushell, 20, from Dover, Kent, visited her grandma, June Mills, 85, with a special gift on May 6.

June lives in her bungalow alone with her labrador, Waffles, so when Katherine gave her the iPad she was overjoyed.

June now speaks to her family daily and is able to still feel connected with them.

Her emotional reaction at seeing their faces on the screen is proof of how much it means to her.

Katherine said: “Seeing her react so emotionally to the FaceTime calls made me feel grateful to have such a lovely family.

“It was a good feeling to teach her how to use the iPad, especially when she can barely use a microwave and doesn’t have a mobile phone.

“It makes me wonder how many more elderly people would benefit from the use of technology like this to help them feel more connected.

“Grandma can talk to us whenever she likes now. I speak to her almost every day and she receives daily calls from my uncles, mum and sister.”