Amazing Video

By Jack Mobley


This neat trick shot sees a motorcycle racer perfectly flip a Red Bull can and catch it in his hand.

Kyle Flanagan has been keeping busy during lockdown in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa with his motor-cross bike.

This surprising clip sees Kyle, in a wheelie position, ride up to a plank on the ground with the can on the end.

He rides up to the plank and slams the front wheel down on it causing the can to somersault in the air and into Kyle’s hand.

Kyle said: “I wheelie my bike towards a plank, land with my front wheel on the plank and it launches the Red Bull up in the air and I catch the can.

“Having to line up the wooden plank while wheeling takes a lot of precision, I had to hit it in a specific place otherwise the can would fly way over my head.”