Amazing Nature Video

Federico Cornetto


This is the amazing moment a friendly dolphin was filmed spinning and playing with bubbles whilst swimming in circles around a lucky scuba diver.

Michael Aery, 57, filmed the unique moment while diving in the waters of San Salvador, in the Bahamas islands, on January 28.

A dolphin which Michael believes to have been a young male started swimming in circles around him, spinning on itself and playing with the bubbles coming out of the diver’s breathing gear.

Michael posted the video online, where it went viral with tens of thousands of views.

Michael said: “He swam with me for almost an hour.

“This was my very first dive with a dolphin, and my excitement level was high!

“I couldn’t believe my luck because he gave me quite a show!

“I don’t know if it was due to me being the first diver to enter the water, but he interacted with me more than with any of the other divers.”