Life Video

By Jack Mobley


With the lack of date activities, this couple are trying to shake things by randomly choosing what to do and eat.

Lucas Merren and fiancée Ally Mackie, played their little game at their local supermarket in Tallahassee, Florida on date night, April 30th.

They thought they could switch up their usual dates by randomly choosing their movie, meal and desert.

Ally rummaged through the DVD bin until Lucas said stop, then Ally would have to pick up whatever was in her hand.

The same concept was applied to pizza, ice cream and alcohol to create their fun-filled quarantine date night.

Lucas said: “My fiancée Ally Mackie and I wanted to switch it up for our date night.

“Our date was awesome; it was a new movie for both of us that made us cry, new pizza flavour that we loved, new ice cream that wasn’t awful despite its name, and who doesn’t love mini corn dogs and sour cream and onion chips?”