Life Video Viral

By Jessica Testa and Federico Cornetto


This nurse recruited her firefighter fiancée to take part in one of TikTok’s most famous dance trends while dressed in full uniform.

Florida-based registered nurse Tori Quigley, 24, decided to include their uniforms in the video so she and fiancée Caden Wilson, 24, could put their own twist on the trend.

She said: “To my understanding, people originally started using that sound and dance to showcase their cultures or lifestyles, so I thought we could do something similar by showcasing our careers instead.”

The adorable couple met in high school and went to college together at the University of Central Florida.

Although they are both essential workers, Tori said her and Caden’s experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic have been very different.

“For myself, this period has not been all that busy, but rather the opposite. I work as an RN in a paediatric emergency department and, due to COVID-19 and stay at home orders, the census in the emergency department for children has dropped dramatically.

“For Caden, I know it has been more difficult. Firefighters, EMTs and medics are still running calls at their normal pace, but at an increased amount and are exposed to the homes and family members of patients who are positive for COVID-19.

“We are getting through this pandemic with the support of the community and each other.”