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By Federico Cornetto


A hilarious parrot with ‘drinking problems’ was filmed chugging beer cans that he stole from his owner’s supplies and collecting them in his birdcage.

Parrot Sprite, from Austin, Texas, has become popular on social media thanks to his love of alcohol.

Owner Kristen Perry says Sprite likes to collect dozens of beer cans that he steals from her supplies and put it in his birdcage.

In the video, Kristen shows Sprite lifting a can up with his beak every now and then to drink what’s inside.

Kristen said: “He definitely has a drinking problem.

“If you think you’ve been drinking too much during the pandemic, just look at his videos.”

However, Kristen revealed that Sprite likes to mimic humans, but the beer cans that he ‘chugs’ are always empty.

One user commented on one of Sprite’s videos, saying: “You should take him to AA meetings.”

Another one said: “This is hilarious!”