Amazing Life Video

By Jessica Testa


This professional aerialist hasn’t let being stuck at home during quarantine stop her from practising her art.

Elizabeth Ross Fraley filmed herself rehearsing her new work that she created during this time in her backyard in Kansas City.

Elizabeth said: “I have been really enjoying training at home, being in nature, not having to commute and being alone.”

She had a professional rigger help her set up a static aerial point to hang from the steel beams of her carport for her to use while training.

“The only thing that’s difficult is that the height is not what I am used to in the studio. As an aerialist, I love height and miss that.”

“I love the feeling of being weightless, and spinning gives me a lot of energy, but the most important thing is for me to be able to express myself. This is my artistic medium, and I know how lucky I am to even get to create at this time.”