Life Video

By Alyce Collins and Randal Coombs


This interactive Aladdin themed chalk course on the pavement will brighten up a dull daily stroll.

Infant school teacher Brittany Kissinger, 30, created this fun chalk design near her home in Sacramento, California.

With the help of her talented partner Nestor Mendoza, 37, the pair created amazing artwork showing Aladdin characters and drew out the lyrics to well-known songs.

Brittany also incorporated some learning activities for younger children who take part.

It took roughly five hours to create their masterpiece.

Brittany said: “We saw this as an excellent opportunity to bring joy to families on their walks.

“We made sure to include high quality chalk art as well as exercise and learning activities for the kids. It has been a hit!

“Nestor focused on creating the characters and I focused on creating the learning activities.”