Amazing Video

By Lucy Harvey


Breathtaking images have emerged of a free diver in a Mexican cenote.

Photographer, Alex Voyer, 41, took the images while sailing through the Yucatan part of Mexico, between Cancun and Tulum.

No artificial light was used in the underwater images which shows Alex’s girlfriend, Marianne Aventurier, free diving in a cenote  – a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock.

Alex said: “I am sailing around the world with my girlfriend Marianne, while making a tour of the best free diving places!

“We had to make a stopover in Mexico, due to a boat accident, then we had time to discover the incredible cenote’s of this area.

“We didn’t expect spending so much time there, but the repairs of the boat was so long that we had time to visit many cenote’s in the Yucatan peninsula.

Alex says Marianne is a great free diver but say the pair don’t do it competitively as they merely enjoy exploring and discovering marine life.

He added: “She can stay underwater for several minutes and and she can also dive free dive to about 100 metres deep.”