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By Federico Cornetto


A gawky dog with a birth defect and two permanently broken legs who was abandoned is now living a happy life thanks to her loving new owner.

Chihuahua mix Freddie Mercury, two, was born without an epiglottis, and had an accident as a puppy that caused her to have two broken legs that never healed due to the negligence her original owner.

Freddie also has an overbite that earned her the unusual name, but despite her numerous health issues, she is living her best life thanks to loving owner Angela Adan, 31, from Los Angeles, California.

Angela adopted Freddie after she was found abandoned in a duffle bag under a cat, in December 2018.

Thanks to her unusual and gawky looks, Freddie quickly became a social media sensation when Angela began to post pictures of her, and she now counts over 300,000 followers.

Speaking of Freddie’s health struggles, Angela said: “Freddie was born without an epiglottis so that makes any surgical procedure on her more complicated as she can aspirate and get pneumonia very easily.

“Also, she can aspirate doing something as simple as drinking water.

“Freddie was dropped by a child when she was a puppy and it broke both of her legs, her previous owner never provided her with any vet care and her legs healed in an abnormal way.

“She gets stretched out every day to prevent her shoulder muscles from becoming tighter than they are.”

According to Angela, Freddie doesn’t let her misfortune get in the way of her happiness and she’s a very cheerful pooch.

Angela said: “I started out by fostering Freddie, but once we started to connect and she started to heal, I knew I couldn’t let her go.

“Freddie loves food, soft blankets, cuddling and bouncing around on beds.

“She’s such a happy and joyful dog.”

One follower commented on a photo of Freddie, saying: “We love you Freddie, it’s okay to be different.”

Another one said: “She’s so adorable!”