Amazing Animals Nature Video

By Lucy Harvey


A savvy photographer has made a teeny tiny village for wild mice who visit his garden.

Simon Dell, 46, has built miniature houses from wood – and not only that, the village he has created resembles the scenery from the movie, The Hobbit.

The wildlife photographer has befriended one of the wild mice and named him George, who can be seen exploring various settings from log-piles houses, miniature picnics, a coconut shell home and floral gardens.

Simon, from Sheffield, has even created a miniature tribute to the NHS bench which George can be seen inspecting.

He has captured some impressive shots of George dining at a miniature table and chairs – snacking on cheese and nuts.

He said: “George had been visiting my garden for a few weeks as I was leaving a peanut out for him to return to the very same spot.

“I then decided to make him a little safe home as I worried about cats getting to him – I piled some small logs, twigs and moss over a make shift little room and put some seeds and nuts inside for him.

“He seemed to love it which prompted me to make more tiny houses using scraps of wood.

“I once gave wood carving a try so what I learnt has come in very handy for making mouse sized homes and furniture.

“Now that I have extra time on my hands, I have been making more furniture and it seemed right to make an NHS bench to show my support – they are doing an amazing job!”

Simon admits it can be challenging to take good photographs as they are wild animals.

But when the weather is good, they are a ‘pure joy’ to snap.

He said: “Some days are harder than others with them being wild.

“But when it is sunny, they seem more than happy to strike a cute pose or two in exchange for a bit of home made peanut butter or some seeds.”