Life Nature Video

By Mikey Jones


This friendly robin would surely feel more at home on Twitter than crashing a keen gardener’s Zoom call…

Green-fingered Kate MacRae was stunned when a robin she had been feeding in her garden took their friendship to a whole new level.

The little bird – who she has named Colin – has grown to trust Kate, from Lichfield, Staffs, as the Primary School teacher and wildlife consultant worked hard in her garden during lockdown.

And the creature is now so tame, he’ll even perch on Kate’s phone as she chats to pals online.

Kate said: “Whenever I was in the garden, this little robin would appear, often coming very close to me.

“I used to talk to him and started offering him some seeds. I wondered if he would come to my hand, so I bought some mealworms.

“Within a couple of days, he would take them from my hand.

“Before long, he was appearing the minute I went in the garden. If I ignored him, he would fly right in front of my face and alight just centimetres from me

“He now looks out for me constantly, wherever I am. As soon as I turn the light on in the kitchen, he appears on a perch outside and waits for me to open the window to feed him. He has a family somewhere, so keen to get as many mealworms as possible! He is feeding a family, so this is a driver to him wanting food.

“This connection with Colin is the absolute highlight of my lock-down. I have been lucky enough to have spent way more time in my lovely wildlife garden, than I would normally have time to do. I love photography and he has given me a chance to use my creative flair and develop my photography through this relationship.”

Kate, whose stunning garden has appeared on numerous TV programmes including BBC Springwatch and Countryfile, added: “I’ve always had a close relationship with the wildlife in my garden, but this robin really is something special.”