Amazing Animals Life Video

By William Lailey


A toddler and his Great Dane have shared their inseparable bond as they enjoy adventures together across the UK.

Mum Teri Davies, 28, says her son, Morgan Roberts, two, and pooch, Jaxon, eight, are rarely seen apart as they spend every waking hour together.

The health care support worker from Wrexham, North Wales, has documented their adventures as they all enjoy trekking across beauty hotpots in the country.

Teri, and her partner, Mike Roberts, 28, along with their Schanuzer, Teddy, six, have shared their adorable family photos as they ensure that each day out is photographed for them all to look back on.

She added: “We’ve always classed both our dogs as Morgan’s brothers!

“Jaxon is very protective of me, which has seen him become very protective of Morgan.

“If we’re out on a walk and Morgan runs or cycles too far ahead it bothers Jax!

“He is unsettled and will eventually start barking! There’s nothing more he likes doing than following Morgan around on his beloved ‘red bike.’

“With Jaxon being such a huge dog he does try to play with Morgan like he would other dogs!

“And watching him hold himself back from using his whole weight is the cutest.

“The best time for these two is late at night when everyone is getting sleepy, and Jax serves as the best giant hot water bottle.

“I have found Morgan asleep on him a fair few times, and Jax just loves being the dog to provide him with a fluffy pillow!”

Teri’s photos are taken all over the UK’s countryside and that each photo reminds them all of the special memories they’ve created.

She added: “I’ve actually found myself falling in love with walking all over again, just by being out with my family.

“We are always enjoying days out together and will often take the dogs to the pub and for lunch.

“I love looking back at our photos and even though it’s hard to choose my favourite, the photo that holds a special place isn’t of the best mountain view or prettiest forest, it’s the one of them all on the sofa together when I first brought little Morgan home..

“I never imagined I’d be here now with the best little family I could ever wish for.

“The most fearless, adventurous, animal loving child and the most patient, tolerant and loving dogs!”