By Lucy Harvey


This NHS worker gets the best greeting from her adorable pup when she gets home from a long, stressful day at work.

Rae O’Malley, from Dunmow, Essex, has been working long and difficult hours during the coronavirus crisis but her adorable pooch, Hetty, always makes sure to give her an extra special welcome home when she comes back from work.

The five-year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel barks excitedly as her owner returns home from work, before wagging her tail and jumping on Rae, 59, as soon as she walks through the gates in this heart-warming video.

Hetty has been helping Rae, an emergency medical technician for the NHS, during this difficult time by accompanying her on walks and helping her to relax in the evenings.

Hetty often waits for Rae to return home from work by the door for hours as her owner is having to work overtime during the pandemic.

Rae said: “My mum, who has been staying with us for the past few months, says Hetty often waits on the bottom step for hours sometimes.

“When I’m dressed in my uniform, as I was this afternoon, she gives up on the idea she might be going for walk and curls up on her bean bag with a big sigh.

“She has definitely helped me to cope better and relax away from the stresses of work; as well as accompanying me in the garden which I have also been using as a form of relaxation.

“Hetty loves walks – she will run behind my bike for 10 miles and gets cross when I put her in a ready made basket on the rear because she instantly wants to get out”.