Amazing Video

By Federico Cornetto


A talented artist is using chalk to create incredibly realistic 3D craters and obstacle courses on the street.

Nate Baranowski, 32, from Chicago, Illinois, is a street artist who has specialised in 3D drawings made with chalk.

Thanks to his amazing talent, Nate is able to recreate three-dimensional images of buildings, market shops, holes in the ground, rivers and cascades.

He then hops around the drawings on the floor, seemingly risking his life as he jumps over a big crater which is actually just the flat ground.

Nate said: “There are not a lot of chalk artists who work in 3D.

“It’s actually really fun, because I know most of the top 3D chalk artists from around the world as the community is pretty small.

“I love the surprise I can give to people walking down the street thanks to this form of art.

“That very first time they see the art through a camera and illusion comes to life is really cool.”

Nate said that despite the COVID-19 lockdown, he’s still been able to practise his drawing while sitting around in his living room.

Nate said: “I have been practising a lot, I roll out a big roll of brown paper in my living room to create chalk art inside.”