Life Video

By Jessica Testa


This nurse was welcomed home from a long shift on International Nurses Day by her sister who threw a bucket full of soapy water at her before proceeding to brush her down with a broom.

University student Alyssa Binns, 20, and her sister, 22, decided to create their own take on the trend where people spray down their loved ones before they enter the house outside their home in Melbourne, Australia.

Alyssa said: “We thought this would be a fun thing to do especially considering it was International Nurses Day!”

The sisters and their family laughed as the brave nurse shivered in the cold weather and quickly ran inside for a hot shower.

“I had told her that I was going to wash her outside the house before she came in as a joke, but she didn’t realise the extent I would go to with the soap and broom! The cold water definitely woke her up after a long shift at work!

“She has been coping well due to an amazing support network both at work and at home! We are all very proud of her.”