Life Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane and Jack Mobley


One woman put seven men through the ringer as the group took part in a fun and flirty online social distance speed dating experience.

Looking for love at the best of times can be difficult, but when the world is on lock-down, single people have been creatively tackling how to overcome social distancing when looking for companionship.

Turning to the digital sphere, Morfo Peyiazis, 25, decided to help her friend Coco Anthony, 24, have a night of romance.

Setting up an international online video call, Coco had her pick off seven eligible bachelors, all of whom were put through the ringer.

Dubbed “Love in Lockdown”, Morfo and Coco’s concept of digital speed dating meet’s throw-back flirty television shows such as Blind Date, meant the pair enjoyed a night of social distance fun.

Morfo said: “There were five rounds, each round getting progressively harder with the singleton eliminating someone at each stage if they weren’t taking their fancy. The video was fun, flirty and exactly what everyone during isolation needs right now.

“Through the up-rise in video calls due to COVID and seeing dating apps introduce video calls we merged both together and wanted to have a fun and human connection at the core.”

After the five intense rounds, Coco picked her man, the charming Ollie, with the pair then going on a digital date at the end of the evening.

Morfo said: “I would 100% recommend Zoom speed dating to anyone. I am sure people are probably inundated with quizzes, so this is something new to do on the weekend.

“The experience was fantastic, as the host it was so nice seeing everyone chatting with complete strangers and sharing their personal experiences.”