Video Viral

By Jack Mobley


This lad hits the nail on the head when he is pitched a ball, swings and clatters his father on the head.

Emily McBride watched on as her brother-in-law, Joel Hill, and her nephew, Mason, played some ball in the yard in Roanoke, Virginia.

Joel tossed the ball up for four-year-old Mason, to which he replies with a sweet hit.

The ball lasered directly into Joel’s head, leaving him holding his face and everyone else laughing.

Emily said: “We were outside playing in the front yard, Mason was struggling to stay focus, that is when his dad, Joel was talking to him trying to help him.

“I started laughing immediately and couldn’t stop, eventually made sure my brother in-law, Joel was okay.

“My nephew could not stop laughing at what had happened, Joel was laughing too and then we kept watching the video.”