By Federico Cornetto


A girl made a hilarious DIY prom date for her brother during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Dani Zvulun, 19, from Los Angeles, had the hilarious idea to surprise her twin brother Shane, 19, with a made-at-home prom date.

Dani used a mannequin, some clothes and accessories to create a human-looking figure which she then presented to her confused brother.

After some initial hesitation, Shane went along with the joke and even danced with his motionless partner.

Dani said: “TikTok had a trending hashtag for DIY prom, and I saw it and came up with the idea!

“I’m not the craftiest so it was the easiest and most comedic DIY I could think of!

“My brother was very confused at first, but then he went along with it and thought it was really funny.”