Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


An injured dog stuck on a train track was not left to be abandoned, as their poochy pal rested next to them and made sure they were protected from any oncoming trains.

As Lucy the dog was playing by the train tracks in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, she was unfortunately injured by a passing train.

Unable to move independently, Lucy was forced to remain laying on the tracks, as she recuperated from her injury.

But lucky Lucy had a loyal friend in Panda the dog, who lay down beside her in order to make sure she was well protected.

Every time a hurtling train was due, the pair would duck their heads as to avoid the oncoming vehicle.

Capturing one of the hair-raising moments the doggy duo narrowly missed a speeding train was Denis Malafeev.

Denis said: “I tried several times to remove Lucy from tracks, but to no avail.”

“In the end, they were saved and returned to their owners and everything was fine with them.”