Amazing Life Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley


This innovative teen has constructed a fully functioning car from wooden parts.

17 year old, Simas Snežko put over 300 hours into the designing and building of the car starting in September 2019 and finished six months later in April 2020.

All from his home in Vilnius, Lithuania, Simas used computer programmes to design, then cut and constructed the model from hand.

The model has some cosmetic parts in the engine as it powered by a battery rather than combustion but the wheels, steering and brakes were all wooden.

Simas said: “I first researched how real cars work, then designed most of the project on paper.

“I don’t have a printer, so when it came to transferring blueprints from the computer onto paper I would press a piece of paper onto my monitor and retrace the part with a pencil.

“I made all of the parts by hand, using mainly a bandsaw, lathe, drill press, and various hand tools.

“I felt quite relieved when I finished the project even whilst building it I never knew for sure whether it’d work in the end or not.”